Resize a Multi-layer Wall or Section

Hi guys. I think I have a simple issue, but I still can’t seem to figure it out (new to Sketchup). I’m making a model which will eventually be used to build a very basic 3-section box frame structure (a mini wall with three sides). There will be two versions of the structure, the only difference is one will be 6" wider than the other. I have the wide version ready to go but now I’m trying to shorten the width for the narrower one. I was thinking I could just make a 6" wide rectangle surface and push it through the wall I’m trying to shorten (essentially cutting through it) then just re-connect the two pieces… but the walls consist of 3 individual components.
I attached a couple pics and I can also upload the model, but in my trial and error process with this I attempted using the Intersect with Model feature and now Sketchup has been “locked up” for about 20 minutes (I assume processing the intersect?).
Anyway, if anyone has tips on how to resize or cut & reattach my wall, I’d really appreciate it. Fyi, there’s a center beam for support in the wall so it can’t really be divided in half, but don’t worry about that, I can always make a 3" cut on each side rather than a 6" in the center.
Also, if there’s a better forum category for this type of thing, please let me know:)

Please do so. It will allow us to suggest a solution that is specific to your model.

Ok, another new-guy question then… Upload a KMZ version or DAE? When I use the upload button with my SKP it says the file is too big.

Upload the .skp file to a file sharing site like Dropbox or Google Drive. Be sure to mark it as public. Then post a link here.


While the file is open, go to: Window --> Model Info, choose the “Statistics” tab, then click on “Purge Unused”. Then “Save As” under a different file name (otherwise you might lose components/materials you want to keep, but aren’t currently used), then try uploading that (hopefully now) much smaller file directly in a reply.

That did the trick…
Facade-purged.skp (1.2 MB)

OK. I’ve downloaded it. And I’m going to do a bit of a stream of consciousness commentary:

You’ve got a LOT of corner braces in there that shouldn’t be resized, so we can’t make any sort of cut through them.

Did you really need to model the screw threads? It looks like you’ve modeled drywall screws which will cut their own thread when driven into wood, so there is no need to model the thread in order to model exactly what they’re driven in to - and the threads add a lot of geometry to the model - of something that will never be seen!

You’ve also done an quite a bit of grouping and subgrouping (and in some cases more subgrouping) - making it hard to get into an editing context of what needs to be shortened.

Who builds a wall like this? Were I to model it, I’d omit the screws and the brackets completely on the assumption that any competent assembler will simply know where to put the fasteners. Personally? To actually make this, I’d either use screws as others would use toe nails for assemble.

Most of your visible faces are duplicates! You have some in geometry whose container is assigned to layer “x3 Panels” and geometry defining a face in the identical location whose container is assigned to layer “x2 Frame”. This is causing Z-Fighting when you orbit the model.

I do like that you seem to have assigned only components to layers, leaving the underlying geometry to layer 0.

And finally, I don’t have a good recommendation for an approach to shortening the side by 6". I’m unsure exactly which side you need to shorten! But that doesn’t change the fact that due to your nesting structure. I think you’ll have far quicker results if you rebuild things from (nearly) scratch. All of the approaches to “cutting out a slice” that I had in mind when I asked for the download would take far too much work - in my opinion!

I downloaded the screws from the 3d warehouse, just thought they looked pretty cool

I’m guessing there are a lot of internal issues. I’m new to Sketchup so most of this model was done by trial and error. For this first one I mainly just wanted it to look good, hopefully things will get cleaner technically with more practice.

the wall being shortened will be the main section in the front. I was hoping I could just make a rectangle and push it though as a way to “cut” through the wall, then just pull together the two halves. I have to imagine, if someone has a model that is technically solid, there must be a way to adjust wall lengths…I think it’s even a basic feature on sites like Floorplanner. Anyway, back to the drawing board.

Fredo’s box stretching ( and then move the center piece)

or edit each group and grab parts and move with move tool and type 6" each time.

Problem solved!! FredoScale did the trick:)

I’d also consider simplifying the screws as they add a huge burden on the model’s performance :slightly_smiling_face:. You could edit the screw component and remove the thread? and substitute for a tapered cylinder.

In truth you don’t even need a cylinder, the body of the screws are not seen. A simple circle with a cross head made as a gluing component with cutting properties would be ideal. It would add very little file size, while displaying the placement of the screws clearly.

For some reason I thought they must of been put there for a reason? May need to be seen like this?
But I’d agree a screwhead would suffice. Performance is screwed otherwise.

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“Performance is screwed”…very appropriate for this model!! The screws were basically chosen for a coolness factor when viewing in x-ray. And again, as it’s my first Sketchup project, I just went to the 3d warehouse and installed whatever looked good…screws, braces, etc.