Deep into modeling, I realized I messed up on wall size

I’m modeling a house I’m having built, I’m very new to this, it’s my first try, and I just now realized pretty deep into the modeling, that I’m 19.6875" short on 2 walls. Both walls are supposed to be wider than they are, and it’s really messing up my ability to estimate the furniture size i can use in the living and dining areas. Is there a way to resize these walls without blowing up the entire model and going hours back of where I am? I’ve included a download, and you will see where I used the line tool to mark where the walls that meet the fireplace were supposed to extend to. Of course the other issue is the fireplace wall is currently the correct size, and I’d like to fix the walls without compromising the size of the fireplace wall. Any advice? Thanks

I don’t have a great way of explaining the technique I use for this. The big picture view is that I just cut the wall apart in the middle… and use the MOVE tool to shift the corners into their correct positions. Then reconnect the two halves of the wall.

In your case I’d cut the wall in two places on the left and righthand side of the fireplace… and treat each side separately.

However in practice I don’t actually cut the wall. Instead I use the Section Plane tool. There is a right click command for this tool called Create Groups From Slice… and that will generate a set of intersection lines which I use to make a partial sub-selection with (relative to the overall whole).

(e.g., … a narrow selection of only the first 8" of wall at both sides of a fireplace)

That should set you up with the option of being able to select 1/3 of your wall—by way of selection, not by cutting—and in a manner which is independent of the other 2/3’s. . . Left, Right, or Center…
depending upon wherever you MOVE the Section Planes Slice Lines too.

It’s pretty simple, and fail proof… so long as you have the Slice Lines located within the correct nesting level you need to edit.

Thanks a million, I will be attempting this. It sounds logical, and I hope it saves the project.

If the fireplace wall is the right length, shouldn’t you be moving the side walls then? Or have you checked that you have got the angles right?

My concern is if I push out the walls the logical way you showed, It’s going to push all the connecting walls out at a weird angle, ruining those dimensions. Here’s more of an overhead view to see all the walls. Being so new to this, I may just be using an improper technique to try to move the walls outward, and my concerns might be invalid. Thanks for taking the time to help!

Can you post your file here in the forum ?

I see a way of achieving what you want by grouping some of the wall to allow their modification without impacting other geometries and then, using these modified walls as references, correct the other connected walls.

Your measurements must have other errors in addition to the length of the two walls. Possibilities:

  1. The room is smaller and the two side walls are shorter
    2, The room is larger and the two side walls are further away
  2. You have the angles wrong
  3. Any combination of the other three
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It may be a side issue, but your walls look very thin. If they need to be thickened to represent real world walls, it will affect either your internal dimensions or your external ones (or both).

Another point is that if you intend to have a real fire, you will need a chimney. That will make the external wall even thicker and probably affect the widths of windows either side.

As you have ignored this standard request, it is impossible to know what else might be amiss. Experienced draftsmen would make the walls into a group, possibly even into two, internal and external walls. That makes making later alterations very much easier.