Residential Concrete Post Frame Patio Design for Permitting

Looking for help, willing to hire someone to draw the concrete design / foundation plan for a Post Frame Purgola / Patio design. The purpose is to submit to permitting. Our county asked for the concrete design that supports the post frame structure. We used the Simpson Strong-Tie software for the Purgola itself but much more detail is requested for the support foundation in concrete. The slab is 34x16 with 8 posts.
Each post must have 2x2’ reinforced footings with 4x6" brackets to bolt the timber posts to the concrete deck. Need to show base, rebar, wire mesh, concrete footings, and thickness of each. The purgola frame is 14x32, 1-foot inside the slabe edges.


Sent you a PM earlier today … and when I couldn’t find the first one … I sent you a second one. And just now I found where on the forum they hide access to the folder with my “sent” messages … and it looks like both messages got sent. Fortunately I am more proficient with SketchUp and Enscape than I am with the user interface of this forum. Meanwhile, you have my contact info … give me call or send me an e-mail if you would like me to work with you on this project.


E. Godsey