Request - Tape measure extension

Dear all,

I use the Tape measure ( the line mostly ) a lot.

I would like to have a way to input, in the input field, several lines in one go, like ;
I click on a point drag to a direction, then fill in [ 1200;1200;30;30;1220;1220 ]
then we have all the measure line in one go, instead of drag-type, drag-type. etc. etc. etc

Is this in some extension available, or is this possible to plant it in SU in a next update?

I think he’s referring to tape measure and placing multiple guidelines in one go, or a tape measure line with multiple stops along the way. I do this often too so I would welcome the feature.

If I want to draw a series of guidelines at certain points, I do them one at a time. If I could type a series and have them drop in like that it would save a bit of time.

I’ve not heard of such an extension but I imagine it would not be too complicated in the long run.

If there’s a regular interval between guide lines a linear array could be made with Move/Copy.

It depends on what exactly you want to get, but the plugin Sam D Mitch: Multiple Offsets might be useful:

Exactly. I do this often when possible.

I will check that plugin, but it would be nice to have it integrated in SU.
Way faster and easier.

So Placing a Request for this.

Perhaps. But maybe that capability is different than anything native SU has? There may be resistance to adding such a feature on that basis alone. What other SU function allows entering multiple dimensions for multiple objects? Still it would be a great plugin. It could create line offsets in addition to guides. It could give dimensions from a single edge or sequential distances (such as first room 10’ wide, second room 12’ wide etc.).
I just do this on the fly and the input is relatively the same. There is just no preset involved.

I also like using the line offset in ThomThoms edge tools for working on a face a lot–I think THAT and TIG’s extrusion tool for selected edges should be native tools. They seem to be missing as corollaries to typical CAD tools.