Custom Measurement Extension / Plug-In


Not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask this question but I’m looking for a custom extension that would allow me to see two types of measurement units at the same time while using the Tape Measure tool. So for example, if the main measurement window is showing fractional inches I’d like another second measurement window to be showing decimal millimeters at the same time.

Does anything like this currently exist or would I need it to be custom made?

There’s a plugin that will create dual dimensions but I don’t know of anything that would work with the Tape Measure tool that way.

I too have never seen such an extension.

I don’t think there is any way to hook into the Tape Measure Tool (or any other built-in Tool) to modify its behavior. I believe the dual dimension tool monitors the model for added linear dimensions and modifies their texts after the fact. But the tape measure tool doesn’t add anything that contains texts, just guide lines and points. The tape measure tooltip that shows distances is not accessible to extensions.

But it would not be hard to write an extension that would display the distance between two points in two units. The part to pick a start point and then track the cursor distance from there is easy. One would have to decide on an appropriate place to display the two measurements - for example in the status bar or perhaps a text drawn at the cursor position. The extension would also have to provide a UI by which the user sets the two units to display.

Edit: I was wrong about dual dims. It batch processes linear dimensions in the model when invoked by the user after they are created.

Is it something like this you are looking for?

I’m currently testing a new plugin to enhance the native tools by displaying additional information while using them.


Excellent! As usual.


This is exactly what I’m looking for.

I was thinking to add just a second measurement display window but this is even better!