Display Metric and Imperial Simultaneously When Drawing

Can feet and meters be display at the same time? Ie is there a plugin with a measurement window that displays both units while drawing?

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The plug-in @DaveR refers to allows you to place dimension objects that display both metric and US Customary/Imperial units.

But I don’t know of one that adds both to (for example) the Measurements box or responds immediately to cursor movements, which seems to be what you were asking for.


I know exactly what you mean John. It should be possible and would only be a minor adjustment to the tape measure tool. I’m currently working on projects that need to be compatible with both imperial and metric systems and showing both when using the tape measure tool would be great!

It might be possible to write a plug-in to do that, but I think it would have to be a Ruby Tool.

And that would have to replicate at least the measurement functions of the native tool, if not the Scaling function.

Perhaps @slbaumgartner or @DanRathbun could comment on how feasible that might be.

IF (a big IF) it were possible to intercept information from native tools and display dual dimensions in the measurement box, it would be even more versatile.

Or maybe run a process in the background, read what’s in that box, and display the other units equivalent in another adjacent window or in the status bar?

My limited Ruby skills don’t extend as far as even knowing if any of the above is possible, let alone knowing how to do it.

Unfortunately there is a very limited kind of information devs can get from the native tools ( tool_name, tool_id, tool_state), so you can not get what e.g. tape measure displays.

:bulb: What is getting into my mind… the new Overlay feature when the mouse over (Pickhelper ) e.g. line or already placed dimension it can display different length units over these objects… :thinking:

Yes, not possible using native tools (even with the new Overlay feature as they do not have mouse click events.) Since the v2016 Observer overhaul, many of the native tools do not send intermediate events to observers, but dump all events after the tool operation is complete.

So you would need a custom Ruby edition of drawing and measure tools, or this would need to be a native feature. (I’d suggest reassign this topic the feature request category.)

Do you have the power to do that, @DanRathbun? If not, maybe the original poster can?

And thanks for clarifying what can (or can’t) be done by interaction with native tools.

I don’t spend enough time in the forums anymore (because of my eyesight) to keep my member level up to have this power. @dezmo can do it.

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Reassigned to features requests.
double unit seems to be a popular request amongs canadians (and other people living between both systems) these days, in both layout and SU :slight_smile:

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Including in the UK too. At our amateur theatre, founded in 1934, we still use and make all our scenery in feet and inches (and fractions where needed), since much of it dates from flats donated to us in the 1960s by BBC and ITV studios. All the flats are either 10ft or 14ft high, and have widths in multiples of six inches or a foot.

But we buy wood sold in cross sections of mm approximating closely to multiples of 1/8" or 1/4"; and lengths in metres, in multiples of a ‘metric foot’ of 300mm (compared with 304.8mm to an actual foot).

Confusion has in the past even led to a construction where the set builder used a 10" foot! Ended up, of course, too short to fill what was supposed to be a five foot gap!

Thanks everyone, hopefully it can be done. Designing across the globe it would really help. Cheers!