Tape Measure Tool(auto intervals of distance)

Using the tape measure tool, is there a way to make guidelines at a certain interval along(well, perpendicular to) a straight line distance? And if not with the tape measure tool, is there another way to achieve this or similar? Right now I’m : click, type distance & hit enter, Repeat X times which isn’t the end of the world, but hoping for a more efficient way. Thanks in advance for your time & responses.

Create the first guide, then use the move tool to array it.
Ctrl/move type distance hit enter, type number of times nx and hit enter.

Here’s a bit more info on that.
Guides basically behave the same as geometry in this way, you can easily array them with nx or n/.
But it is also worth thinking about why you are using guides, sometimes they are unnecessary.
Guides do have their place but In an example like this you may as well just array the geometry, guides are just double work.

If you give us an example of why you want specific measured guides we may be able to show you a better option.

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As you showed me one time, arrays are great for dovetails.