[MeasureTool] Chained exact displacements for creating multiple parallel Guidelines




Just a small request I ‘assume’, but helpful… When adding a guideline from an edge with a measurement it only allows you to place a single guideline, then you have to click and drag to place another. I would like to see the ability to place multiple lines using successive measuring, the action for example:
*click > drag > measurement > enter > ‘+’ measurement > enter > ‘+’ measurement… and so on…

This would help me and anyone else who uses a similar technique when measuring out floorplans before pulling walls up and at the moment the action is empty, all I get is “invalid length entered”.



You can array guidelines with the move tool.


This still involves clicking with the mouse, I’m after something more streamline than that.


8 guidelines with 2 clicks.
Or do you mean something else?


Basically want to do this without touching the mouse everytime.


Like this without touching the mouse every time.


Why do you use guidelines like this? Why not actual lines?
{Curious - personally I find it more streamline work-flow to use actual lines and save duplication of work by drawing over the same lines.}

Not dissing the idea: I’ve made a similar request for inputting dimensions.


We think alike @gadget2020.


In my gif you’ll see a grouped rectangle to the left, once we mark out the rooms, spaces etc… we move these groups (stud walls) into place. Once we’re happy with the floorplan we explode into position, trim the crossovers and extrude to the ceiling height. Keeping the groups separate allows me to shift and stretch quickly without re-drawing.
Another instance is door placement when the walls are up. It would be nice to quickly go 90mm (or whatever) from the corner plus door opening size plus another 90mm, all in the one swift motion with out touching the mouse. Pure data input :;):