Request for .SCM file format

Anyone know if it’s possible to use Sketchup with .scM format?
Note: .SCD is the format used for Forged Alliances models and in game objects.
Just figured that this would be an awesome alternative to blender of 3D Max.

Thanks in advance


So they replied to your post over there

… and said that SCD is just a zip archive. And that what was needed was SCM files.

Are these the “scheme” files that are related to Lisp ? I see many pathnames that refer to the Lua directory.

I would image that there would need to be an API for this game.
I search through the wiki, but am none the wiser.

Yes, its an SCM.

Far as i know of a tool was written for the 3D Max-9 specifically for this.


Well without some format information or links to the API, noone will be able to help.

The Trimble team does not create exporters for small uses that have no commercial revenue stream. It would have to be a plugin project.

Do you have an example file ? (18.4 KB)

Here is the tool i have from 3D Max 9… keep in mind that is ancient but still works (mostly).


And this guide goes with it:

OK, I had a look.

That SCMtool is a 3DS Max plugin written in Max Script.
It contains 6 script files with a large amount of script.

It would take months to translate these scripts. I personally would not wish to learn a scripting language unique to a particular application (even if it is a popular AutoDesk product.)

There is some information in them on the SCM files, but it’s still “twisted” by being in Max Script. (We might be able to glean the Supreme Commander Model file format and it’s internal data structs from these files.)

It would be faster if there was a SCM file specification (and perhaps also for SCA, the animation files.)

No programmer likes to program blind, without formal technical data available.

So the original company closed down, then there was a aftermarket community project (Forged Alliance Forever?,) then a company named Gas Powered Games, published some sequel games, then they shutdown ?

So there is no official source to get official documentation ?

So what I’m mostly saying is, that it will be slow trying to translate actions and features of 3ds Max from Max Script to Ruby for SketchUp, because the 2 engines and their User Interfaces are so different.

It will be faster just going from SketchUp Ruby, to a file, given the specification.

OK, I found version 5 file information on the web.

Not sure how much it can be trusted, or if there are newer version(s).

The C header files are from 2006 and look official (they have Gas Powered Games trademark, etc. in the comments.)

There are a couple of file “dump to std output” scripts written in Python (which is closer to Ruby than Max script.) (226.7 KB)


Thank you for your help thus far!

As for the conversion… I do recall that the models appear to be laid on their back once loaded into the MAX world. This has something to do with the requirements of the game world needed the 90 degree offset. Otherwise any imported object appears to be face down.

Later tonight I’ll see if I can do some digging around in the old GPG threads for the SCM tool discussion. Maybe the source is shown there or at least something more then what we have now.

P.S. I first started working with supreme commander when I was last stationed in Germany. Since then, I’ve retired and moved here with my wife and kids.



Looks like I’ve hit another dead end as the repository for the old GPG forums no longer exists. Not sure what to do with this now as I can no longer install 3D Max-9 on my primary system.


I took a look at the SCM VERSION 5 DATA LAYOUT… is this whats needed ?


If your old GPG forum allowed crawlers, it still may be saved somewhere. Enter a forum web address into the Wayback Machine.

Nevermind the MaxScript plugin. It is just too complex and different from SketchUp. Trying to translate that is way longer than just using the C headers or translating the Python dump scripts.

That could be good enough, if the format has not changed since. (Perhaps you could ask a modder on the FA Forever forum ?)

In those files somewhere, it explains that the Supreme Commander Models (SCM) are Y-UP.

So that means conversion must take place between SketchUp’s Z-UP coordinate system.

Lol, well I am one of those modders from the GPG forums you speak of. Problem is that I’ve relied on 3DS for years and now find it unusable, hence why I’m searching for a new platform with SCM / SCA support.



OK, but you do not know the answer to whether SCM & SCA version 5 files are still valid for FAF use.

So ya need to ask one of the guys running the site who knows.

Hey Dan,

Supreme Commander was released Feb 2007 with Forged Alliance being released November of that same year.

Being that the SCM’s between both titles can be loaded by either game, it stands to reason that the SCM format was never changed once the first game was released. Odds are good that the format files you have are the correct ones.

Side Note: i’ve been modding SC1 and FA since beta and still have access to the betas. The files you have I’ve seen before and are the only ones that i know of in existence.



Conclusion (for now.)

Ya know… thinking more after do some reading.

These animation gaming models need layer groups, “bones” and “skeletons” that are just not yet features of SketchUp.

Until they are, I do not see much use in creating a exporter from SketchUp.

I will recommend that the you use SketchUp for basic modeling, then export as OBJ file to 3dsMax or Blender, then finish the animation features (grouped layers, bones & skeletons,) then export from there to SCM format.

Thanks Dan,

Part of my problem is that as a hobbyist my resources are rather limited.
Thus is why i was looking at Sketchup to replace the Max i previously used.

To give you a bit of background, I have a Max license tied to a Yahoo
account from almost 10 years ago. Being that this account has long since
been discarded, I not longer have access to that license nor the proof ect.
Hence when I needed to re-install my OS on a new system build, I realized
just what I had lost and its repercussions.

Cheers and have a good weekend!