Request for a sketchup file with topographic map

Hello! I’m currently using Sketchup 2021 and I’m limited to this version as my Macbook air is quite old (2013, High Sierra) and I cannot update it to the last version, which is 2024.
With only the 2021 version, I can’t use the geolocalisation feature unfortunately. Therefore, I can’t generate easily a topographic map to build my house :frowning:

Can someone please generate a sketchup file for me with a topographic map of the neighboorhood of my house (a model of the ground with the altitude) using the geolocalisation tool? I would greatly appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are the GPS coordinates : 47.38564799420657, 3.84355461033196
Here is a screenshot of the area requested

Thank you very much!

Have you ever tried cadmapper?
0,06 m2 screenshot:

It may not be as accurate as the geo location within sketchup, but its free for areas up to 1km2.
0,8 km2 sample: cadmapper-lormes-bourgogne-franche-comte-fr.skp (243.7 KB)

I hope you can take advantage of this for now.

Your profile says you are using “Free Plan” of 2021. Does that mean it’s a cracked version?

I would second @AnnoNiem’s suggestion.

Thanks a lot!!

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