REQ Geometry on Sections shouldn't be cut away from view

Sections in Sketchup work in such a way that geometry that is in the same plane than sections becomes hidden.

The exceptions are:

  • Section Fill - which is displayed in the exact plane of the section, hidding everything behind
  • Section Lines - which is the intersection between the section plane and any face in the model.

Why does this matter?

If we are using Sketchup to draw architectural projects, the section plane is a plane we should be able to drawn in. Below are some examples of what we need to draw there:

  • Details
  • Linework
  • Hatches
  • Texts
  • Dimensions
  • Labels
  • Entourage

However, if we do that all this stuff disappears.

So, our workaround, implemented in all section plugins (section cut face, Skalp, Curic Section) is to create the section fill plane geometry and slightly push away from the section plane, so we can view it and work with, or draw in.

This slight mismatch between the section plane we should be working with and the actual geometry we need to work with, is prone to a lot of errors. It is, above all innacurate, so this workaround shouldn’t be needed and all geometry that is coplanar with the section plane shouldn’t be hidden away.


Here’s a couple of examples of our drawings done in Layout

Haven’t had any issues other than it’s laborious :wink: :smiley:


& here’s the as built :wink:


I do mine in Sketchup and draw the least I can in Layout, but this is a Sketchup request, not Layout.

Ah, ok. My bad.

No problem. Great work btw

Thanks :blush:

(Along the same line of your request)
Once again, sectioning groups and components should be handled as if we are dealing with cutting solid objects in real life. Give the SketchUp Solid groups and components an extra material attribute and let that be the material inside, visible when cutting the solid. The material can either be the default section fill or hatches or whatever is used per object. (not to be mistaken for face materials!)