Reproducing the detached text bug

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In the above linked article, this appears (emphasis mine, not in original):

I think I’ve found a way to reproduce it consistently!

  1. Start with a blank model
  2. Draw a rectangle
  3. Draw a line on a diagonal, dividing the rectangle into two faces
  4. Attach text to each face. Be sure you’re attaching to the face, not one of the edges.
  5. Delete the line you created in step 3

Now examine your model. One of the two texts you attached is visible. Now zoom extents. Voila - problem appears, reproducibly (at least for me).

I suspect that the other text, the one no longer visible, still exists in the model at an either undefined or ridiculous location. I’m sure someone with Ruby experience can post a bit of code we can all paste into our Ruby Consoles to confirm its invalid location.

Edit: I hereby retract one claim I made above: that I discovered this method of reproducing the error! There was a thread which revealed the behavior - reproducibly, but I can’t recall the thread. What I think I’ve done is reduce the example to its simplest form.


Your method seems to “work”.

Out of curiosity, I just tried my method on the web in SketchUp Free.

The problem is there as well and by extension, presumably happens in SketchUp Shop and SketchUp for Schools as well.

This post::innocent:


Yep. @MikeWayzovski has correctly identified the post where I believe the problem was first described in an easily reproducible manner.

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