Replacing components


Im having a problem when im trying to replace components.
I’ve created 2 very similar components, with same outer geometry (1600x800x800 millimeters) and only small changes to the edges.

Now i’ve built a “house” with these blocks and want to replace the old component with the new one with fancier edges, but the problem is, when i select all blocks and press replace, the components gets replaced with the fancier ones, but also rotated 90 degrees.

How do i solve this ?

Most likely the new component has different axis orientation. You either change the axis direction or you mark an outside position of the old component, then you replace them, then you edit the component to match the marked position.

Since all component instances of the fancier one are the same (typical for components) you only need to adjust one to have them all change the same way.
Right click on one and select ‘Change Axes’ in the appearing context menu. Draw its new axes 90 degrees rotated and accept the changes you just made. Done.

Changed axis, all is working now !

Thanks !