Replace components with dummies

I have some imported stl-models in my sketchup project. The models have a very high poly-count. Is there a way to temporarely reduce the complexity of a component? I want to be able to move the model around, copy it, rotate, stuff like that. I would be fine with replacing the complex model with a dummy up until the very end before exporting it.

I am scanning human faces with the Sense 2-scanner and printing them on a 3d-printer. I just want to add a middle step where I clean up the models.

Yes. You can do that. Make a suitable dummy or proxy component making sure that the component’s axes are in the same location relative to the complex one. Then select the complex component in the model, find the proxy in the Components panel, right click on it and choose Replace Selected.

It would be essentially the same as what I show in the attached GIF except one would be your complex head and the other would be your simple proxy.

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Or you can have a look at FredoGhost from Fredo6: