Repeat copy extension SU 2017

Is it possible to Activate in SU 2017 version the Smustard Repaet Copy extension ?

You should contact them to get the answer directly.

I will try to contact them

The extension was made by Chris Fullmer, who is now at SketchUp in charge of Extension Warehouse, and other things. This extension is still sold by Smustard though, so I went ahead and bought it. It does work in 2017.

Chris owes me a drink now.


Interestingly ThomThom’s Repeat Place Component also seems to do the same sort of thing. @colin if you had gotten it instead, you’d have owed ThomThom a cookie or a beer. :smiley:

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OH, Thank you very much for the information :innocent:
So I will buy it now.
The reason that I have asked is because on Extension Warehouse, on the Repeat Copy extension page, it is written that it works until SU 2015.
They should probably fix it and add SU 2016, 2017 and more…

GREAT !! I will check it out.

I just tested it in 2019 as well, it works there too. Chris has been busy during his time at SketchUp, and spends more time helping extension developers get their product pages going, than he does in updating his own product pages.

If ThomThom’s one worked it would be worth the cookie or beer. Thinking about it, I could get Chris to buy Thom a beer, cut out me as the middleman.

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I’d forgotten about Chris’s version but I use ThomThom’s version in SU2019 and have in earlier versions. Works fine.

Great !! Thank you

I currently don’t have Parallels working correctly, so I can’t test under Windows 10, but in Mac 2019 (and 2018), the menu looks like this:

thank you very much :+1:

ThomThom’s puts it in the Context menu when you right click on a component.

Good to know. Do you also get a non-working Extensions menu item on Windows?

Yes. I never looked for it there, before.

I see the script adds both but it doesn’t appear that the on in the Extensions menu is meant to do anything.

I think we all owe him cookies and beers. Some day we should sneak up on him and dump a full truckload of cookies and beer :3 .

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Aye you should! :smiley: Just pass all the cookies this way.

I’ll pretend to not be constantly looking out the window in anticipation.


Does it actually give an error? Or is it just not been updated with newer SU versions on Extension Warehouse? (If it’s the latter then @colin can go over to @ChrisFullmer and poke him in his side until he updates it. :smiley: )

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Chris is a lot taller than me. I’ll need a little step ladder to be able to poke him in the side.

While you’re here, what is the reason you add an empty entry to the Extensions menu?

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