ThomThom repeat place component

I’ve downloaded repeat place component by thomthom and it shows up under extensions in the drop down menu but when I highlight it nothing happens. I’ve tried shutting down computer, uninstalling and reinstalling nothing works. I do have other thomthom extensions that work.

Thanks - Kim

Do you know that you can do the same thing with the native Move tool now? Press the Option key twice to activate the Stamp function.

If you are using it correctly, by right clicking on a component and choosing Place Component, and then clicking where you want to put the copies it works in 2022.

I did not, I’ll try that!! Thanks!

Thom Thom’s extension does work in SU2022.

And using the native Stamp option with the Move tool.

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Again, thank you!! I was trying from the drop down menu rather that right clicking, got it!