Kill. Paste. Repeat

Hello everyone ----

I realize the following might qualify as feature requests, but since feature requests are apparently for features users wish to see included in future versions of SU, I wanted to try this route as I would like the features in the versions of SU I use now –

I use SU8 primarily. I installed SU2014 (or SU Make, whatever ya wanna call it) about a year or so ago, but really didn’t like it. I uninstalled it because it took over as the default SU version for opening anything I had created in SU. I later re-installed it because I would occasionally end up with a model that was created in SU2014, and discovered that I could at least do a “save as” after download and have a model I could open and do whatever I wanted in SU8. And of course now, I have no choice since downloads in the 3DWH are now limited to SU2014 and newer.

That said, it explains why I’m not making a feature request, but rather, asking if any of the many extensions creators can create these extensions:

1. A “REPEAT” TOOL. I do a lot of free-hand drawing in Paintshop Pro. When doing various editing, there is a “repeat” tool that comes in pretty handy. Example, if I want to re-size something, but I’m really not sure how much larger/smaller I want it, I start with a modest modification. Then, if it was not enough, I can hit the repeat until I arrive at a re-sizing that I am happy with. The tool can be used repeatedly (no pun intended…LOL) until different edit of some sort is carried out. Lately, I’ve decided such a tool could work well for certain editing in SU.

2. KILL THE DOOR-GREETER. I discovered after installing SU2014, that Trimble fixed it so that only Pro users can get rid of that “welcome” screen upon launching the program. Not all of us are Pro users - I have no need for a pro version because I am not a carpenter, or builder, or architect, or engineer. I’m not even an interior designer or a practitioner of any profession that would benefit from the use of SU. But it seems that more and more, it is only the professionals that count. I dunno why the lowly hobbyist or amatuer artist is not afforded the ability to get rid of that welcome screen… but perhaps someone can create a plug-in or something so that non-pro users can stop that screen. It’s annoying. Or would that violate some rule??

3. PASTE ON THE FLY. Sometimes, I need an image to use as a guide to create shapes or to line-out an object. In an art program I use often (Paintshop Pro), I can copy an image online, or hit screenprint, or use the Windows “Snipping Tool” to copy something, and then paste it straight into PSP - no need to save the image first. It would be nice if one could create a rectangle in SU, copy an image, and then simply paste that image onto the rectangle - without having to Save>File>Import>Navigate-to-where-the-image-was-saved>Use-as-Image>Open. Perhaps someone could create an extension that would allow this?


Repeat: Maybe Memory Copy would do what you want. Get it from the Sketchucation Extension Store.

Welcome screen: It can’t be defeated in SketchUp Make. Consider it a tiny inconvenience for getting to use SketchUp for free.

Paste image: Interesting idea. How would you inform SketchUp of how you want to use the image? Is it being used as a texture, an image, or for Match Photo? SketchUp won’t know you want to use it for tracing unless you tell it.

On the Image idea…
You can drag-n-drop an image file into your SKP without going through the import dialog, you just need to have the image’s folder open above the SKP, or have it on your desktop and drag it into the SKP window.
Drag-n-drop will not work if you have the SketchUp exe file properties set to run-as-admin, because Windows-Explorer never runs in an elevated mode, and Windows prevents a process at a lower level affecting one running at a higher level.

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@TIG - I tried the drag-n-drop from a folder - of course, it worked. I never thought to try that. After reading your post and doing what you said, it then dawned on me that you can drag-n-drop images from online into an email (Mozilla Thunderbird), so I Googled up some images, and found you can drag-n-drop from online too. Just as good as copy-n-paste! :wink:

@DaveR - As for the suggestion on Memory Copy from Sketchucation, I’ll probably have to pass as for whatever reason… I cannot get the extension to install. Thanks anyway.

What did you do to try to install it?

@DaveR – The extension is installed - I was unaware that there would be no sign of the extension except in a right-click context menu while working with a component. The extension is not listed under Plug-ins in the menu bar, is not listed in the window at Window>Preferences>Extensions, and no tool bar icon was created. Those are the places I was looking for the extension, and because I could not find anything, I believed it to have not installed.

FWIW, the where to find it bit is given in the info for it at Sketchucation.

@DaveR …I’ve sorta prided myself on the challenge of creating things with Sketchup’s native tools. So I’m really pretty new to extentions, not well versed on where all this stuff is, or the terminology, not an expert in SU and I am very new to Sketchucation.

I watched the vid created by the author of the extension before I downloaded/installed it, but there was nothing in that vid that would let someone inexperienced know that there wouldn’t be an icon jump out from somewhere, or that it wouldn’t be listed in the extensions window - something that, up to that point, everything I had read indicated that was the place to find all the extentions installed. I’ll know now next time I can’t find an extension listed in the menu bar or in the extensions window.


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