Renders glowing

Hi there, all of a sudden my renders are glowing the whole building I dont know why?

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I dont understand sorry

why’s it glowing

Looks very over exposed. Try adjusting the exposure value (EV) under camera.

I tried that even when the exposure is low it still glows through the windows

Have you tried to reset to factory settings and see if the rendering appears normally?

how do I do that?

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it won’t let me click on the arrow its greyed out

Have you tried restarting SketchUp or even better, the computer?

Do you know what settings you have for the lights?
But for rendering?
What other changes have you made? Have you enabled post-processing?

ill try restart it

if that doesn’t work do you mind if I send the file over for you to look at ?

it hasn’t worked :frowning:

It may be something specific to the operating system, you have a Mac. Hi @eric-s, can you help please?

yea a Mac

@eric-s are you able to help?

I’m really struggling with my visuals

Why don’t you go ahead and share the SketchUp file so Eric can take a look at it when he gets a moment. Otherwise you have to wait for him to chime in and ask for the file and all the delay that creates.

ok thanks good idea