Rendering with Podium in SketchUP

I have a question?

I normally use Sketchup for interior design, my new job I am designing elevator cabs. I do not understand how to get a full rendering of the interior. When I place my camera my view is way to close. Does anyone know how I could fix this issue? I would like to be able to get all 3 walls, but if I have to I am okay with getting just the back and side wall.

How would you deal with this if you were using a camera in a real elevator cab? Wide angle lens?

Maybe in SketchUp you just need to use a section cut.

You would stand from the exterior, but then you don’t get the full view of all the walls.
You would have to take 2 photos, one of the left side one of the right.

I am going to try the section cut.
How do you make a wide lens in sketch up?

So you could do the same thing in setting up your scenes in SketchUp. A Section plane could temporarily remove one wall or cut off a corner if that works for you.

I’m not sure if Podium will render sections or not. Some rendering applications don’t and some do.

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Select Field of View in the Camera menu and type a new field of view in the Measurements window.

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Great Thanks!

I use Podium. It does not render SketchUp section cuts. To render one, you have to either actually cut the model (or more likely a copy of it in a new file), or construct the model in such a way that you can hide the parts you want out of the way to view inside. So, for the elevator cab, make each side of the cab into separate groups or components and put them on their own layers so you can turn visibility on and off. That in essence how movie and TV sets have to be constructed sometimes.