Rendering time versus quality

I have followed tutorials on lighting and vray settings.
However I seem to be going round in circles.
I have tried different settings to render a cabinet, however it seems that to get a good quality image i need to do a large render which would take 1hr. I think it is too long considering i am rendering an object.
Can anyone suggest the best way to balance, material, lighting, vray settings to achieve good quality product renders?
I am happy to send the file to somebody if you think you can help
I am using SketchUp 2015 with Vray 2

Thank you

I don’t know about Vray 2, but newer versions have a Denoiser option. Turning it on gives an acceptable result much faster.

thank you Anssi, i have come across that in some of the tutorials, however i do not know how to apply it in Vray 2.
The solutions i have tried, by adjusting the DMC Sampler in Vray Options resulted in a long time to render.