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This subject pops up from time to time, so just wanted an update from anyone on a cost effective rendering EXTENSION (Plugin) (not stand alone) for SU-PRO-2017. Say not more than £250 (330-USD)

There are so many on the market, see list below, I thought this forum might be a place to filter it down ?

IRender nXt
IDX Renditioner
Indigo Renderer
SU Podium
Twilight Render

If sand alone at above cost, then I did see PROGECAD-2018 (£243.00+VAT) may be n avenue to explore, as they have ARTISAN-LIGHTWORKS embedded within, so exporting SU models to 3D-CAD may also be an option ?

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I suggest you take a look at the cost of the various ones on your list first, as well as licensing structure.

I think you will find that many on that list is above the reference price.

Some software is available as perpetual license while others are subscription based, depending on what your view on this is, the list may become even shorter.

By the way, Indigo is available as an IndigoRT version as well (US $199).

Hi Julian,

Thanks for that, I’ll look at INDIGO-RT given you say it may be within my budget. Rendering software never stands still with respect to technology, but I’ve also seen pricing getting a little too heady as well. I guess I’m after something easy & quick to use within SU & relatively cost effective.

I’ve seen forum posts on this subject about TRIMBLE not seeming to want to have it’s own rendering software within SU. Even if using a rendering engine by others, similar to my previous post PROGECAD-2018 & ARTISAN-LIGHTWORKS, this perhaps is the direction to take, oh well, maybe something for a SU-PRO-2018 ?

Take a good look at Podium as well. It won’t break the bank, is relatively easy to use and output is rather surprising for software of its price-point.

no need for an own rendering with tons of render plugins already avail.:

simply give free Twilight Render a try, won’t get cheaper…

Hi Julian,

I do own SU Podium V2.5 Plus, but had a strange conflict of extensions unique to my PC when I installed another extension called PLUS-SPEC-2017. This was never resolved, but I had to uninstall SU-P to get PP-2017 to work. I’ve never revisited this in fear of it crashing SU again, so I’m steering clear of this rendering software for now.

INDIGO-RT at £118.80 incl.vat purchased here in the UK is well within budget. So will keep looking, however PROGECAD-2018+ARTISAN-LIGHTWORKS at £243.00+VAT seems a very good buy with a capable 2D CAD software with the 3D EasyArch plugin for Architectural CAD models, seems almost too cheap !

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