Rendering extension, so many to choose from!

Hi all,

I’ve been using SU Pro now for quite some time to design wine cellars and create basic layout documentation in Pdf format for the end user. I am 100% self taught and up until now have been relativley pleased with what I have been producing, however I have recently started researching rendering extensions within SU and the results you can get from any of the ones available look outstanding.
I am very new to the concept of using this software but I’m ready for a new learning curve if my designs can improve 10 fold.
Some of the extensions look extremely complex (and expensive) for what I am doing and I’m not sure which one would best suit my needs (Maxwell looks pretty good)
Has anyone got any suggestions? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

There are a lot of discussions in the forums about this topic, you should search for them too.

For a fast, simple and free start you can have a look at