Rendering problems in Native SU Make



Hi, I’ve been working on a model boat, using SU 2015. Everything was going along quite well until this morning. I tried applying a material (dark gray color) to a face in my model, but it would not apply. Nothing happened. I switched to another material (safety glass texture), with the same result.

So I said, “Forget that.” I exited SU, and re-opened my model after closing some other apps. Now I see a worse problem: One deck of my boat is displayed as if in x-ray mode or View Hidden Geometry. The rest of the model looks just fine. See below.

If I edit the component for that deck, I see this (note the Entity Info):

If I edit the subcomponent (I had created half the deck and copied that for the other half), I see this:

If I edit the component for the outer wall, I see this:

At this point, I noticed that the windows aren’t displayed correctly, either. The outer wall is slanted 30 degrees inward. The windows in that wall are therefore slanted at the same angle. But from this view angle, the windows look almost straight up, and don’t match the angle of other geometry near them!

Here’s a closer look:

Notice also that it seems like the safety glass got applied to everything! Here’s an even closer look:

This is a view from inside the wall. In this view, another strange anomaly appears!

I have installed SU 2017, and can confirm that the same strange problem appears. I would really like to fix this, without needing to start over from scratch! (Many hours of work up to this point.)


It looks like you’ve painted the component wrapper with a transparent material. You shouldn’t be painting the wrapper. You should only paint the faces inside. That means you need to drill down to the faces to apply the materials. Go through and paint all of the component/group containers with the default material and see what you get.

Or upload the file so we can see it and give you more help.


Thanks, @DaveR - changing the component wrapper to default material fixed that. When I had applied the safety glass texture initially, it hadn’t shown up anywhere. Then later it suddenly showed up on the whole outer component! I still think there was some kind of bug there. But that was SU 2015, so not worth investigating now, right?

And I realized the problem with the window frame angles is my own doing - the sides of the frames are not at right angles to the top & bottom, but I forgot about that when the other problem came up… Argh!


I’d bet it just has to do with the way you applied materials and edited components. Oh well, as long as it’s sorted. Maybe you can mark it solved.


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