Rendering issue

Hey all!

I have a VERY detailed architectural model …

but my scenes aren’t rendering as detailed as they should ( brick material isn’t showing up + quality is poor )

Could someone give me advice on what settings I should use for VRAY // what am I doing wrong ?

Thank you,


You should upload an image if you write about it?

^ This is the highest quality I can get to. I’ve watched and read 100’s of tutorials on settings and nothing seems to make the quality better.

I know nothing about VRAY, but what comes to mind is that you should check your model for

  • reversed faces, so that only the front sides of faces are visible.
    Many rendering applications struggle with the back sides, either
    leaving them invisible, rendering them in an uniform colour or black.
  • duplicate faces (z-fighting) where two faces are directly on top of
    each other
  • your model location, in relation to the SketchUp model origin. If it
    is very far or very large (kilometers/miles)weird things start to
    happen with the display.

Just suggestions


Thanks for the suggestion of posting a picture.
I uploaded the highest quality rendering that I could get to

Below is a link to an older rendering using sketchup/vray:
(The images were too large to post a picture)
I cant figure out what settings he used to produce such a clear model

Thanks for the help.

Another basic thing to look at would be the actual image size and dpi of the output.