Render to improve

Hello everyone, Im trying to achieve a realistic rendering,so I’ve been practicing and this is what I come out with.
Appreciate any feedbacks on what and how I can improve more.

Thank you.

Unless this is a furniture showroom, there is perhaps too much light, and most of it is coming from concealed light sources like the cove lighting in the background that produce a rather bland, almost shadowless light. Is the floor really totally white? You would expect the dinner table to be lighted by the hanging lights above it, but the light is coming from everywhere else. A small detail is the downlights that look as if they are off, but light from them is hitting the wall.

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What renderer are you using?

  • Try camera modes or other adjustments to increase contrast and depth of field.

  • Many of your materials appear a little flat with a uniform gloss level. Try changing gloss levels and using more diverse materials.

  • The glass table is not rendering well - need to change the settings on that material I think.

If i were you, I would reduce the amount of stuff in the room and keep the design more simple, so you can focus on overall lighting balance and materials quality. Then you can start adding more lights and objects like glass vases to fill the room.

On top of what the others said, I notice dead giveaways like the couch with very sharp corners, unrealistically straight back cushions, and little stuff like placemats that appear to float.

More in terms of the composition. The placemats on the table appear to be floating above the table top. The plant in the background appears to be growing out of the roses on the table. The clock on the wall should come down a bit so it’s not lost entirely behind the light. Maybe you just need to move the camera a little.

If those are books on top of the console on the right, you might look at the way the textures are applied. It looks like the spines of the books are printed on the back of the leftmost book.

The celing fan could have much lighter materials applied to it so it’s not just a black silhouette against the ceiling. It’s kind of sinister as it is.

Maybe either close the drapes completely to eliminate the gap or open them a bit more and reduce the outside brightness.

Reduce the brightness of the light(s) on the right side. They draw the eye away from what should really be the focus of the image. (What is supposed to be the focus of the image?) Even out the illumination on the dining table.

You have these downlights on the wall but no light where the fixtures are outlined. There should be light in those circles.

Just some thoughts.