Render time

Is there anyway to know render consumed time before starting render?

Idk… You could render 5%, then multiply the render time by 20 for a rough guess.

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Most render engines have some sort of way of letting you know were they are at, when starting the render.
I do not know of a render plugin that will predict the needed time, because it will have to proces the model first in order to predict the time (producing the render is basically calculating how long it will take to render)

It is like the contractor’s promiss that he will tell you what the building would cost when he is finished building😃

In general, you would create a sense of how long a render takes, by understanding a bit how the process works and practise.

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How to do this? @Forestr

In Twilight Render V2 (the hobby version is free), it says the time and percent complete. 3 seconds x 20 = 60 seconds. The Ray tracing finished in about 60 seconds, but the antialiasing was really slow. I guess you could use a stopwatch to calculate the antialiasing time with the same method, but I didn’t finish the render.

It’d be cool if there was a plugin to predict render times!

You cannot do a project with only a single, final render.

Better do iterative test renders and increase quality/resolution settings,

  • because as already said, you learn a feeling of how long future renders will take
  • you can fix issues that you notice during rendering

Once a render is in progress, you get a progress bar with a better estimate but you always lose time if you have to cancel.
If you do the first (only) render with maximum settings and from the progress bar you conclude it takes 2 days, and after 1 day you notice a mistake in the middle of the image, it’s a very hard decision whether to finish or cancel it. But in the same time you could have already had 20 or more iterations.

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Hello to all,
What’s the average rendering time using Twilight Render V2?
I am rendering a project at the resolution 1378 x 768 at the High level of detail. I am using a laptop with CPU Intel Core i7-10750H 6 core and 32Gb of DDR4 memory and it’s taking more than 1 hour.
Is that normal in your opinion?

What’s the best rendering app for SketchUp?

Thank you for your help.


Impossible to really give a direct answer. There’s to many variables involved . Complexity of your model, the types of material textures used, how your lighting is set up in Twilight, the render setting your using, biased or unbiased ? Been using Twilight for about eight years have always been pleased with the result. My render times can vary from minutes to well over ten hours. It just depends on the individual model and how your setting things up in Twilight. Really suggest spending time reading all you can on the Twilight forum. Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks - Twilight Render User Forum

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