Render problem

This is what displays in my viewport when i wants to render, it says error then in couple of seconds it start to render even the rendering is not display with proper colours , can someone guide me please, what courses this and what can i do please?

What graphics card are you using? Your forum profile is not correct.
Screenshot - 4_12_2023 , 4_15_55 PM

that’s the system exactly am using?

invidia ai

"2.30GHz , 16 GB does not answer the question of what graphics card you have.

That doesn’t make it any clearer either.

UHD Graphic

That still doesn’t specify what the GPU really is. Does that mean you have an Intel integrated graphics processor? If so, CUDA rendering is not supported. Set Vray up for CPU rendering.

here is a screen shoot

OK. So it is an Intel integrated GPU. Put that in your forum profile. Incorrect or useless information in your profile just makes it harder for others to help you when you have problems.

And as above, you need to select CPU rendering.

CPU Rendering always as you said right? No RTx rendering

Yes CPU rendering. The error messages in your original post indicate that Vray can’t do GPU rending like you’re asking it to do.

i normally use RTX rendering

This is the incorrect colours it displays.