Render is completely black. Alert... rendering beginner on board... (Vray for Sketchup)

I started rendering using Vray online tutorials a few days ago.
I wasn’t exactly happy with the results, so yesterday I used a random tutorial on YouTube where I had to adjust 50 things that are way out of my league. Now my render is completely black and I have no idea where to start. I tried a few things, with sunlight, with window glass material, but nothing works… I’m not sure if those last settings are the problem, or Vray starts from it’s basic settings… Yeah, I’m lost. :confused:

Have you tried resetting and getting started with simpler settings?

Bonjour le reset est une première solution.
Avez-vous installé de la lumière, dôme light ou spot light par exemple, vérifiez qu’il ne soit pas éteint dans les paramètres lumière (ampoule en haut à gauche).