Render birds view without shadows



I would like to run a render which is from a birds view, without a shadow.
It is very common for Estate Developers to visualize interiors.

The problem is with renders - there is too much light. And when I set my sun to have less power the visualization looks strange.

The image I’ve attached is the render.

Can you give me some advice what to change in vray settings ?!


You seem to have conflicting wishes for your render. Could you be clear about what is strange and what you actually trying to achieve?
Are you using Mesh Clipper?


I think my colors are dull. Ive changed couple of things I think it looks better…

Are there any good practices of creating views /renders like this ?


To me, the reason it looks dull is because there is no shadows, global illumination etc. It would be better if you have a sun coming from windows and/or having light fixtures illuminating the rooms.
An example:



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