Removing overlapping lines

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New here.

I have been using SketchUp Pro for planting plans and set up to scale components to represent plants. They are planted to overlap and grow in to each other. Could anybody advise whether it possible to remove the overlapping lines in these groups so that I keep the face as if it is one large face?

You would need to edit the groups and split the edges at the overlaps.Then you can hide the parts you don’t want to see.

You could explode the groups so they all become one mass if geometry and delete the unneeded edges.

If they were 3D and solid you could use Outer Shell to combine them.

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you can also explose your components/groups and soften coplanar lines


then delete the face (since it still keeps hidden lines and you won’t be able to manipulate the face easily), and recreate it.

On the animation instead of deleting the face I first copied just the outline by double clicking on the face to select it with the outline, then clicked again on the face holding shift to just keep the outline selected.
to remake the face simply redraw above the outline

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ThomThom’s CleanUp plugin can be used to erase the edges in one go.

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Thanks for this that’s great - only issue is that when I use multiple circles and soften coplanar, sometimes there are still little bits left over:


Thanks for your help.

Sorry, new to SketchUp, so was very pleased to have such expertise offered so freely :smiley:

there shouldn’t be any, make sure to select everything before you soften.
Sketchup has been acting in a strange way for a few versions when it comes to exploding groups or components that includes arcs or circles. Once exploded you feel like everything is selected but it is not (at least not always). You have to select all once before softening

Thanks, Paul. For some reason, no matter how hard I try to select everything, it often leaves bits left over or completely deletes the face and it is difficult to get a new face.

It feels like this should be a lot easier than it is.

Attach one that you are having issues with so we can see what you’ve got.

Thanks, Box:

Managed to get it working once, but its not a simple fix. The circles overlapping on the right just will not merge.

Example ONE COMPONENT.skp (90.0 KB)

One of my favourite extensions is Fixit 101, here I have used it after deselecting the crosses, using selection toys.
Set these two as keyboard shortcuts and it’s very quick.

Thanks Box - once selected, what was the first option you had chosen as it is cut off the screen?

Selection Toys is an extension by Thomthom found in the E Warehouse, or Sketchucation. The part offscreen is, Deselect, which opens the extra menu and allowed me to choose Groups. As I mentioned, both these options can be set to shortcut keys.

Thanks Box, it works pretty well, sometimes it doesnt when theres many circles, but will have a play. It seems like it should be a feature that is a lot easier!

Another option still using selection toys.

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Bravo! Thanks, Box!