Deleting Interior Lines in Formerly Grouped Models



I am working on a project where I have group that has been copied and arranged in different ways like this:

This is what I want it to end up look like:

However even if I explode all of the groups, there does not seem to be a good way to the remove lines from the intersections of the two former groups other than going in and erasing the intersections of the lines by hand.

I have tried Chris Fullmer Tool’s select Outer Edges and that does not work. Any help? Thanks so much!


Here is what it look like originally:


You might give ThomThom’s CleanUp2 a go. Get it from the Extension warehouse along with TTLib.


Or try mine:
If you group all of the sub-groups and process that it will explode them, and then try to remove the internal partitions and coplanar edges…
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TIG, your tool worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don’t have your address so I can not send a bottle of wine, otherwise I would.


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