External Wall / Internal Wall Intersection Deleting Line

Hey there! I’m new to sketch up so really appreciate the help.

I’ve created the floor plan of a house in Sketchup Pro 2021 and I’ve grouped the External Walls and Internal Walls separately. I’ve came across and issue when I’m tidying up the intersecting lines where I’m not able to delete the line of an external wall that’s showing on the internal wall.

Things I’ve tried:

  • If I don’t have the walls grouped then I’m able to remove the line
  • I’ve also tried grouping the two groups together
  • Extending the internal wall lines across the external wall line

Any advice on the best way to remove this line?

Thank you

Basically you can’t remove that line as it is the end of the ‘inner wall’ wall and the corner point of the ‘outer wall’ wall.
You can hide the edges by opening the inner wall group and using shift with the eraser tool, then open the outer and do the same.
But you should consider if you need to specifically hide them. You may turn edges off in the view menu and all edges will go.

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If you want to keep the walls in separate groups the best solution is to hide the line inside both groups.

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Thank you both so much! The shift with eraser tool worked a treat.