Removing colors from sample palette below materials picker

Anyone know if they can be removed? The usual intuitive ways don’t seem to work.

I’ve long since turned any samples into colors and materials in the picker. I’m tired of seeing them languishing down there and I’d like to start clean.


They can be dragged into the trash.

Or just drag a white square over a colored one.

On Mac, dragging an empty square onto a non-empty square doesn’t seem to erase the non-empty square. You do need to drag to Trash I think. It’s the trash in your Dock, there isn’t a trash icon in the Colors palette.

Option-drag does work, to duplicate a texture. You can drag to rearrange them as well. As it is a system palette, you can add or replace the swatches while in Preview, and the changes also happen in SketchUp. That could be handy if you’re trying to pick colors from a photo in Preview, without needing arrange your windows so that the SketchUp eye dropper can reach the photo in Preview.

Must have changed at some point. It used to work that way.

Thanks for the helpful responses, much appreciated.

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