Color panel in SU for Mac

How to remove color samples from the small samples array at the bottom of the Color panel?

Those swatches are part of what the SketchUp material (“color”) panel inherits from the macOS color picker, not something SU programmed themselves. It’s a bit weird, but one way to get rid of it is to drag a color swatch from the palette to the desktop’s trashcan.


Yes, what slbaumgartner said. I had to laugh when I first found out what the solution is!

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It used to be that you could drag a white swatch onto a colored one and replace it that way. Not sure it still works that way, though. I think there’s some way to clear them all in a Mac sort of way. Hazy memory of doing that.

I used to go to the library/Colors swatches.plist

Many thanks! It should be explained in the help system. I searched vainly there before posting the question.

Not any more. The blank swatches don’t respond to a click and drag at all.

Well that’s kind of lousy on Apple’s part.