Clearing the materials pallet of favorites on Mac OS

How do I remove favorite colors from Skp Pro Mac OS 2023?

had to look that one up. Just move it to the OSX Trash can.
Feb-28-2024 10-29-26

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Finally!!! It works. Thanks Eric-s

Note to SketchUP MacOS Dev team… FIX IT!:grinning::grinning::grinning:.

Maybe control click multiple tiles to drag them to the trash in one operation.

And while you’re at it, make the boxes bigger and easier to arrange and group them into collections, show/hide material names in list view …similar to what you’ve done for the components list.

I would make use of all those features.

fix what ? it’s not broken :slight_smile: it’s the standard behaviour of apple’s colour panel since… idk, 15+ years ?

Sketchup on mac is using the standard apple panel, you should make your requests to apple.
Or, as they mentioned a few times, wait for a year or two when they finally unify mac and pc UI and finally get rid of apple’s pre-made panels.

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Got it!