Remove location data

Is it possible to remove location data from models i have shared in the warehouse?
“View on a map where this model is located”
I was not aware this information was shared and i would like to remove it.

If you go to window > model info, then to geo-location submenu, there’s a “clear location” button

I would like to do this on the web site.

What do you mean by “on the web site”? What web site?

Probably right in 3D Warehouse, where this data is shared to the world. Unfortunately this is not yet possible (although the proposal of a “Open in SketchUp Free” has been positively received).

At the moment you have to download the model, open it in SketchUp (Make, Free, Pro) and reupload.

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Yes i would like a button or checkbox on the 3d warehouse page to remove location data for privacy. I have quite a lot of models so downloading and uploading or using free would not be ideal.

If this is important to you with the models you have, you might want to get started removing the location data as @paul.millet described. A button isn’t going to appear immediately if it’s even being planned.

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