Delete/remove geolocation

I’m new to SketchUp Free… Doing some trials I used “Add location” to geolocate my model but now I can’t remove/delete or change this location any more - any suggestion?

You can unlock the map image and then delete the map but there doesn’t appear to be a way to remove the geo-location or edit the location. You can do that in SketchUp Pro, though.

thx Dave! that’s unfortunate… I’d need to geolocate a model of a solar PV system to estimate shadowing effects and move it to various locations. Any suggestion for a quick fix?

copy everything in your file except the photo,

open a new empty file, and paste ? I just checked, it works. a simple ctrl-C / ctrl-v between two files still works in the free version.

it’s not a very clean or dignified solution, but in the absence of a tool to remove the geolocation, it’ll do the trick.

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