No button for 'edit' or 'delete' a model in 3d warehouse - german page version

The following two links describe this topic above in details.

Following both instructions I tried everything to find a button for edit or delete a model
but and can only see a button “Profil bearbeiten” - means “Edit Profile” …
And there are no ‘three dots’ - see similar topic “Deleting models in ‘my warehouse’”…
Is there any hope … Many Thanks Michael

SketchUp Pro 2016 - Windows 10 - Firefox Browser - 3D warehouse - Trimble SignIn worked
Uploaded the model 28.10.2018

It seems the 3DWH interface has been changed, but not the documentation.
Here’s what I see in the US English version. I hope this helps.




@Geo, yes, it’s there in the German version too…


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Many Thanks!
Now it works (I do not understand, that I did not see the three dots …)
Good times with SketchUp for you!
Hallo Cotty!
Nett, auf diese Weise einen deutschsprachigen SketchUp-Fan zu treffen.
Kennst Du SketchUp-Fans oder einen SketchUp-Fantreffpunkt in Berlin
Wohne lustigerweise am Kotti (Kottbusser Tor) in Berlin.

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Leider nicht, ich komme aus der Nähe von Paderborn. Vielleicht kommen Mitglieder im deutschen Forum aus deiner Ecke?

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