SketchUp 2017 - no "get a model" option from 3dWarehouse?

I just upgraded (trial still) to 2017 and the option to get a model from the 3D Warehouse is gone. I only see upload. Anyone know why??

Are you opening 3DW from within SketchUp ?

  1. Window->3DWarehouse, or
  2. toolbar for 3DWarehouse icon, or
  3. Window->Components.
    Maybe another if I sat and thought about it…

We had too many choices, so removing File->3DWarehouse->Get Models… we hoped wouldn’t be a big deal… unless it was your preferred usage.

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I checked the SketchUp Application Release Notes for v2017 and this change is unlisted (unless I missed it.)

Sigh…it’s posts like this that require me to take a break from the forums from time to time.

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Was removing this a Mac thing only? There’s another thread about File > 3D Warehouse > Get Models… missing but I can see it in SU16, 17 and 18 on Windows.

Also the file menu is my preferred way to open the warehouse. In my view everything file related such as import, export, saving and opening belongs to file. I view the toolbar more like a billboard that advertises features for new users but would any day recommend new users to remove as much clutter from it as they can to avoid distractions. The Window menu also makes sense as it’s where the EW, Extension manager, Model Info, Preferences and other windows lives.

Yes, Mac only. Yes, it’s silly.