No access to the 3d warehouse from File menu (2017)



since i installed Sketchup pro version 2017, i cannot access the 3d warehouse anymore.
Can someone help me?


Can you access it directly through Safari? what happens when you do try to access it in SU2017?


Hello, not sure how to do it?
with the previous version of sketchup I did : file /3D warehouse and could select and download objects into my file


Are you saying that in SU2017 you don’t see “3D Warehouse” in the File menu?


what is SU 2017?


SketchUp 2017.


SORRY, stupid me Sketchup up 2017 of course


Can you see a Warehouse toolbar under View>Tool Palettes?


yes i mean when I follow the path i used to follow: File, 3D warehouse, i don’t get to the warehouse,
the only option i have is to share my model, but not anymore to import or download objects into my file


What about in View>Tool Palettes?


I have a french version, so give me a sec, i’m trying to figure out what it correspond to :slight_smile:


So I checked, and I can connect to Trimble from there, but still only options to import models, and no objects


I’m not understanding. Do you see Get Models (or the French equivalent) when you go to 3D Warehouse in the File menu? Could you post a screen shot of what you do see?




Wait for the uploading to finish before you hit the Reply button.



What happens if you go to the Window menu and select 3D Warehouse?


Sorry I had to leave for an appoitment


No worries. I did, too.


When I select 3D warehouse, it only gives me 2 options : share the component or share the model