3D Warehouse gives no option to search models

I am trying to import 3D Warehouse models into my project, but there is no option to do so. I tried looking at other things like Trimble Connect, but I can’t find anything. I see an option to share components or models, but no option to search for the.

I just downloaded SketchUp Make on a new computer, so it’s a brand new install. Is there any other way to access 3D Warehouse models?

Any help appreciated.

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Try Window Menu -> 3D Warehouse

Or search in the Components window.

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Thank you…that’s where it went!!

I don’t have access to SU2018 right now. Does anyone now if this menu entry was removed for Su2018? For as long as I can remember there has been a Get Models… entry in the File menu. It’s also in my view the most logical place to dind anything related to saving, opening, import and export.

Screenshot - 12_11_2017 , 3_59_42 AM

And it opens the 3D Warehouse window as you’d expect.

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unless on a mac…




This is odd. What is this like on older SU versions on Mac? Could be (yet another) difference between the Mac and PC version.

I think changed for v17…

I thought it was for both platforms…


Just a thought: What happens if your model is not empty and you save it first? Dave’s screenshot shows an existing model. On the PC, too, the Share option is greyed out if the model is an empty unsaved one.

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Does not make a difference. On Mac, the options changed with version 2017
Dave’s existing model is a very old one, from the 1950’s…


It seems reasonable to me that the Share option would be unavailable if there’s nothing in the model to share. After all, how many empty Sketchup models do we need?

this is why I thought it was both…


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