Remove license when device is lost (18 pro)?

My laptop was damaged and replaced with a new one, and now I can’t activate the license on the new laptop because it is still activated on the laptop that is destroyed.

How do I remove the license when I don´t have access to the old laptop?

( I have searched for hours on this forum and google with no solution to my problem)

Is that a classic license or a subscription?

Great question @jpd. If you need to reset a license activation for SketchUp Pro 2018, you will need to contact the support team. Go ahead and open a ticket to get the process started. If you are using a different version like the web app the process is a little different.

Classic License

How do I open a ticket ?
(I am really new at this…)

Here is the contact form:

Make sure to send a message while signed in with the email that you used for your license. I can’t find any classic license for the email that you use in the forum. If you originally used a different email address, that you don’t have access to any more, tell support what email address that was. Also tell them the serial number for the license.

It was with a different address that I no longer have access to.

Thank you very much, I will try that.