Remove buttons/tool icons from a toolbar

I am trying to remove specific individual buttons/tool icons from a toolbar. For example, I would like to remove the Walk icon from the Camera toolbar.

I have tried opening the Toolbars window and then dragging the icon off of the toolbar but I get the “you can’t do that” sign.

I have done this before, but I have been away from SketchUp for awhile and can’t remember how I did it before.

I am doing this now in the 2024 version because I am trying to get it to match up to my 2023 setup.

Right click the icon and choose delete.
GIF 10-04-2024 1-03-22 PM

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Thank you. I knew it was something simple. Apparently, if you have three choices - RMB, LMB, Toolbar Menu Open - then there are 6 possibilities.

I had tried the RMB but apparently not at the time I had the Toolbar Menu open.

Thanks again.

I’m in the throes of updating to 2024, and this was just one more thing. On now to extensions and plug-ins.