Relinking by selection


In layout when you want to relink you have to go to references and relink any instance of the same file…What I’m suggesting is select the reference, right click and besides update, etc a relink feature where only that image is replaced by the new one.




Hi Fernando-

The LayOut team talked about this yesterday - we agree that it would be useful to be able to relink a single instance of an inserted file without changing other instances. I’ll add a +1 to the issue in our tracking system for your request.



Something that reminds of SketchUp’s right click > Make Unique could maybe be used.


Thanks, eneroth3… This is for Layout.


I think she is well aware that your request is for LayOut.


Hi Dave, Could you explain to me how using make unique in SU could address what I need in Layout? (inside the same file)
What I’m doing right now is open another document in LO and then relinking it there…then copy/paste to my current sheet where I have all the details.


She didn’t say using Make Unique in SketchUp would work in LayOut. She was suggesting that making a viewport unique in LayOut (much like making a component unique in SketchUp) would allow the reference for that viewport to be changed independently from the rest of the viewports.


I don’t see the option to make unique viewport in LO. Please, could you point me where it is?


There isn’t an option for that now! She was suggesting that the feature COULD work that way.


The only work around for now is not copy paste the viewport but insert from the file menu. For now, this is the only method to make the reference ‘Unique’. Hence the FR!


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