Relink a layout file

Hi there, Quick question, I have a Layout file with different views of a file I created. After talking to the client I did some modifications and I renamed the SU file with a different name and now I need to update the Layout one but I don’t want to do everything again…is there a way to change the old file with the new one?

Also I don’t use Layout that much and I was reading some of the post here in the forum and sound like you guys do a lot with it…where can I find some sample to see what is possible to do with Layout?


Some videos with Nick Sonder:

Thanks!!! Those are really helpful

You can absolutely re-link a SketchUp model to a LayOut file. In LayOut, go to File > Document Set-up > References. From here, you manage all the files referenced in your LayOut document.

Some more detail on LayOut references:

Thanks Mark. I will try

Dear Mark.

Can this re-link be done with Layout C API ?