Reference image can't be locked

I have used reference images with no problem in the past. When I now import a jpeg or png image SU treats it as a face. it can be exploded etc. but can’t be locked. Why? How can I fix it?

You can’t lock a face, select it and its edges and make it a group.

Thanks Box. Why would it now be a face? Previous times it was imported as an image.

It can be push pulled but there is no option for grouping. I tried it as a watermark but inferencing prevented me from drawing an accurate outline.

You need more than one entity for the make group option to show.

If you explode an imported image it becomes a face with a texture.

A single edge cannot be made as a group or component using the contextual menu obtained by a right click on the edge. However, using the Edit Menu, the creation of a group or component is possible.

For a freshly imported image, the Edit menu don’t allow the creation of a group or component.