Grouped walls over imported image, image greyed out when editing walls

Stumped on what Ive done differently here… regularly bring in dwg/dxf floor plans converted from PDF’s (zamzar or eqivalent), resize drawing to scale, group/lock, then drop walls ontop of the import. Handy because of snapping. Have a pdf that will not convert cleanly so had to just go with a .png screen capture of the floor plan. Import as normal, resize drawing to scale, group/lock, lay walls on top (using Cabinetsense wall tool which quickly generates grouped walls at thickness and height specified) but when I open the grouped wall to cut in a door or window the png floor plan image greys out completely which I need to be able to see for the door and window locations? This never was an issue previously so Ive clearly done something differently… any input?

Sounds to me like after importing the image you exploded it and them made a group or the resulting rectangle. Exploding the image converts it from an image to a texture. Textures outside of the editing context of the group or component you are working on will not be displayed. If you import as an image and leave it alone. The image will be displayed when you are editing the group.


You nailed it Dave. I had exploded and converted so I could lock it. Thanks a bunch

You can simply add one edge to allow you to group and lock it.

Maybe that why people do it. I’ve never understood the reason that people make extra work for themselves.

Like @Box wrote, if you feel the need to lock it, add an edge with the Line tool and group it with the image.

Use the lock function so I dont inadvertently shift the reference (floor plan) or clicking into it while Im working which has happened more than once in the past. Its a handy feature for me once my fixed reference is established. I will give the line/group a go but you’ve all got me back on track now.

Thanks as always.