How do you lock an imported image in place?

I have imported a .jpg of a map, and keep accidentally selecting it when all I want to select is the cubes on top. How can I lock it in place? I know it does this when you import a map with the Add Location tool, but as you can’t rotate the map in Add Location I can’t get the exact image I want from it, so it has to be an imported image.

Hi Monsoon:

Select your image, right click on it and select lock. The image outline should turn red. To edit, or delete the image, right click again and select unlock.


The Google Earth Snapshot you’re referring to is not an Image entity.
It is a Material applied to a face bounded by hidden edges which is a locked Group.

You cannot lock an Image entity.
You can only lock a Group or Component.

I often use this plugin to make an Image entity a Group, which can be locked.
Make_Components.rb by Matt666


To do it without plugins… to make an Image into a Group or a Component you first need to add a small perpendicular Line.
Select the Image and the Line.
Next Context-menu > Make Group / Make Component.
Now edit the Group or Component and erase the Line.
Now the Image is alone inside a Group or Component.
Select the Group or Component and Context-menu > Lock to lock its location etc…
Later on you can Unlock etc as desired.
As a Component you can also make it glue to a surface, cut a hole etc…


Thanks TIG. I don’t think I would have thought of that!

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