Reduce size of DC's once selected preferred options



Is there an effective way to reduce model size once you have selected preferences of a DC?

The DC sits at approx. 2.5mb but there might be 20 variations of this DC in the model.
Once the instances are inserted and their respective options selected, It would be great if there were an effective way to reduce the file size.

I have seen mention of outer-shelling/wrapping on this forum. Is any one able to offer their advice on this matter?



To Follow, the final size of the DC is actually 915kb. But it is really adding up on the bigger models. Advice is still appreciated.



you can ‘strip’ a DC using ruby code, but advice would be easier if you can post the DC concerned…



Thanks for your response John. I’m not sure this is one I can post so I’ll have to do some more reading and try figure it out.



Are Efficiencies Gained (file size reduction) if unused Compos are purged?




Hi, thanks for the response.

Slight efficiencies were gained, but I try to purge items fairly regularly.