Red axis lock

Why does one have to press shift+right arrow to lock into the red axis?

Just hitting one of the [Arrow] keys will do. They toggle constraining to one of the axes on/off.
-left to green axis
-up to blue axis
-right to red axis
(press a second time to release from constraining)

Holding down [Shift] also constrains to an axis for as lomg as you hold the key down.

Note that hitting [Arrow -down] may help you to constrain to any edge direction that you have been pointing at while drawing a new edge. This key toggles between three options: parallel / perpendicular / none / parallel / perpendicular / none / parallel / etc. …

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Hi, thanks for replying, but not the answer I am looking for. I am aware of all these options. I can click on left and up arrow to activate the green and blue axis respectively, but for the red axis I have to press shift+right arrow!!

This and the other anomalies you mention in your other thread would suggest a faulty installation or an incompatible OS. If you were on windows I would suggest that you need to install using Run as Admin, but your profile says Mac so I have no idea.

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the only two mac instal issues I’v heard of are…

running from the installer [i.e. not putting SU in Applications folder first…

installing newer version while SU is open [ seems to only effect updating, not upgrading ]…

both cause very hard to fathom behaviour…


Might be a setting in systempreferences.
What keyboard? Native Mac?
Sometimes, keys are ‘highjacked’ by textexpander-aoftware.